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Welcome to Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center and the Department of Medicine! The Department of Medicine is dedicated to providing the highest quality of patient care as well as excellence in medical education. At Kingsbrook, we are committed to a patient-centered approach to healthcare that values clinical excellence, patient safety, and multi-disciplinary teamwork. We are devoted to serving the Brooklyn community and improving health by providing clinical care in all major specialties.

Our faculty members are active in clinical practice as well as focused on medical education; their dedication and enthusiasm create a robust learning environment. Our graduates succeed in their chosen fields of primary care medicine and medical specialties. I welcome and encourage you to explore our site and learn more about the clinical services and educational programs at our Brooklyn medical center.

Sibtey Burney, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer/Interim Chair of Medicine


Sibtey Burney, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer/Interim Chair of Medicine

Rajat Mukherji, M.D.
Chief of Pulmonary Medicine/Department of Medicine Program Director

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