Kingsbrook's Palliative Care Program

Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center initiated a Palliative Care Program in August of 2007 in an effort to meet the needs of an adult population facing complex illness.

The Palliative Care Program at Kingsbrook is one of few programs of its kind in Brooklyn whose mission is to deliver the highest quality of care to patients and families facing serious illness. Palliative care is the medical care focused on relief of pain, other distressing symptoms, and stress of serious illness – whatever the diagnosis. The goal is to help people live comfortably, prevent and relieve suffering, and provide the best possible quality of life for patients and their families. Our team of specialized, compassionate experts includes a Physician, Nurse Practitioner, Social Worker, Clinical Pharmacist and Chaplains, to make sure that all of our patients concerns are addressed.

The program serves as a consultation service for Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center and its on-site, long-term care nursing facility, Rutland Nursing Home. Dr. Sarita Patel is the director of this program and is Board-Certified in Hospice and Palliative Medicine.

The Palliative Care Program coordinates an Annual Celebration of Life event, enabling family and friends to come together in an effort to remember their loved ones and to celebrate their life and accomplishments.

The program is supported in part by the Fan Fox & Leslie R. Samuels Foundation, Inc. For information, call 718-604-5248.