Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center

Pharmacy Residency Programs

Pharmacy Services & Medication Safety through Advanced Technology

The Department of Pharmacy is fully computerized, provides 24-hour pharmacy services, and utilizes a robotic dispensing system. The Pharmacy Department employs over 40 professional and support personnel. The pharmacy department dispenses over 10,000 unit dose medications daily. The hospital has a closed-loop technologic drug distribution and administration system. Prescribers utilize the Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) system, medication orders simultaneously interface into the Pharmacy Computer System, Pharmacists validate these orders, the Pharmacy Robot dispenses medications using barcode technology, and Nurses administer medications using barcode scanners.

Computer terminals are located throughout the hospital and on medication carts. Profiled automated dispensing cabinets are located in every acute care unit, where the medication is not accessible for dispensing until a pharmacist verifies the medication order. An Emergency Medicine Satellite Pharmacy and several profiled automated dispensing cabinets supply medications to the Emergency Department. In addition, the Clinical Pharmacist in the Satellite Pharmacy provides medication management services. A state-of-the art USP 797 intravenous admixture service dispenses more than 1,000 doses daily. All parenteral medications are exclusively administered via the smart pump infusion system.