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Pharmacy Residency Programs

Pharmacy Residency Programs

The Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center Pharmacy Residency is contained in two parts. The first year is devoted to creating basic competency in both practical and academic pharmacotherapy skills. This includes medical practice and patient care alongside teaching, lecturing, and presenting academic research to students and peers. The first year provides residents with experience in a broad variety of pharmacotherapy needs, including acute care, emergency medicine, surgery, and others.

The second year of residency forks into three different specialties: Geriatric Pharmacotherapy, Critical Care Pharmacotherapy, and Internal Medicine Pharmacy. For each of these programs, residents have the opportunity to hone their practice of pharmacy according to the specialty they’ve chosen. They will work closely with experienced physicians as they provide comprehensive care to the patient population they primarily work with.

For both years, residents will be required to complete a scholarly pharmacy research project for presentation and publication. For second-year residents, this project must include a budget request and must be IRB-approved. In addition, all pharmacy residents will receive a faculty appointment at the Touro College of Pharmacy.

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