Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center

Medical Education

Dental Residency Program

Tomorrow's Greatest Dentists Training Here Today

The Dental Center at Kingsbrook has a full, comprehensive family dental service that caters to maintaining the optimum dental health of all members of the diverse communities that we serve.

The general population includes both adults and children. The treatment plans consist of routine check-ups, root canal therapy, crown and bridge work, oral surgery, implants, and both full and partial dentures.

This GPR Program gives the Dental Residents experience in treating both the general population, as well as medically-compromised patients that reside at an in-hospital and nursing home setting. As a result, Dental Residents will have the opportunity to work very closely with physicians. They will be able to gain confidence in treating these patients, as well as providing the necessary dental care to medically-compromised patients on various medications.

Accessible, Experienced Attending Physicians

Dr. Berger, the Chairman/Director of the Dental Department, also serves as the implant specialist. He works closely with the residents on their implant cases. Dr. Drukartz, the Clinical Coordinator/Associate Director has been at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center for more than 20 years. He is a very skilled, patient, and an approachable Attending. Residents are able to interact with him to discuss cases and treatment plans. As an on-site Attending, he is able to provide hands-on clinical assistance with challenging procedures.

The office is run as a private practice with friendly office management and staff. Advantages of this setting include a comfortable working environment with very convenient working hours. Dr. Berger and Dr. Drukartz are very considerate of personal needs and matters.

Previous Dental Residents have gained both experience and confidence in all aspects of General Dentistry. They have benefited from the experience and wisdom of the on-site and available Attending.

* When applying for a Residency for KJMC Department of Dental Medicine you must first search for OBH on the Pass Application. Then you can choose Kingsbrook.

For more information, please call: (718) 604-5381