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Kingsbrook Nurses Create Classrooms In Their Church Homes


Brooklyn, NY--A message connecting the importance of spiritual and physical wellness was shared with all church goers at New Lot’s Reformed Church at 653 New Lots Avenue. This new extension of the Best Health School features nurses educating members of their very own churches, spreading awareness and increasing access to health information in the community. Hosted by church member and Kingsbrook Nurse, Paula Victor, LPN, the session was based on the importance of hypertension and healthy living.

The Best Health School at Kingsbrook is a powerful initiative that provides a year-long health & wellness curriculum for the community. This unique module provides a wide range of wellness education to choose from, including essential classes for CPR and Stroke Awareness. The program is designed to build a heightened awareness to health disparities and risk factors and offers certificates of completion to participants.

The curriculum is provided by various medical departments at Kingsbrook and include education from external partners. The curriculum is also championed by the Education Committee of Kingsbrook's Community Leadership Council. Classes include: medication interaction, warning signs of abuse, obesity management and prevention, kidney health, diabetic foot care to name a few, with prerequisites for CPR and stroke awareness for those interested in a certificate of completion.

“My church home is also very important to me,” says Paula Victor, LPN. “This allows me to give back in a very unique way, as there are many people in my church who need preventive information and would appreciate getting it from me-another church member.”

"The idea behind the Best Health School is to provide continuous access to health and wellness education. That accessibility and consistency will make it easier for our community residents to to heighten their awareness and understanding of risk factors and prevention modules whenever they need,” says Enid Dillard, Director of Marketing and Public Affairs. “We are committed to extending our curriculum partnering with outside organizations and working with our community leadership council education committee to make sure the quality of education is it's ultimate best."

For more information about the Best Health School please call our Community Information line at 718-604-5062. Updated class information is also available online at under about us community events.