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Kingsbrook Celebrates Opening of New Behavioral Health Unit

Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center’s Department of Psychiatry announces the opening of its new 25-bed Adult Inpatient Behavioral Health Unit. The new unit - which will be located on Minkin 5 - will be a state-of-the-art inpatient psychiatric unit and has been specifically designed for the treatment of younger adults - starting at age 18 - with acute psychiatric illnesses who are in need of hospitalization. This new unit will expand our range of care by allowing us to admit younger as well as older adults. After discharge, care continues at Kingsbrook’s Outpatient Mental Health Department. Whether caring for younger or older adults, our psychiatric program’s entire multi-disciplinary team of Board-Certified Psychiatrists, Registered Nurses, Psychiatric Technicians, Recreational Therapists, Behavioral Health Associates and Clinical Social Workers is committed to providing the highest quality of patient and family-centered care. Providing care in a safe and therapeutic environment, our program’s diverse staff further advances treatment by being at all times sensitive to the ethnic, cultural, social and language needs of the surrounding community.