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Opportunities to Give Back to the Community

Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center’s volunteers are committed to enhancing the quality of our services by providing assistance to patients, families, visitors, and staff. Volunteering at Kingsbrook provides you with an opportunity to affect and improve other people’s lives. At the same time, your service can support your college and university education, fulfill your interests, and allow you the opportunity to use your existing skills and talents. Volunteer placements range from those with direct patient contact, such as Friendly Visiting, to those with little patient contact, such as Medical Library volunteers. All volunteers receive comprehensive orientation and training from our award-winning staff.

In return for your dedication, volunteers receive:

  • A complimentary meal every day you serve
  • A letter of recommendation to school and/or employer upon completion of volunteer service
  • An invitation to our Annual Volunteer Celebration
  • The opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life

To get started, call 718-604-5427 for an application packet and to arrange an interview.