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As part of its Community Outreach Initiative, Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center's Best Health School offers its Speaker’s Bureau Program to community organizations in need of health and wellness information. Comprised of the facility's best doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and medical specialists, the Bureau travels to all parts of Brooklyn, speaking on a number of issues that affect the health and well-being of community members.

This essential program is geared towards providing health seminars and discussions to community-based organizations such as libraries, senior citizen centers, schools, churches, and health-based organizations. This program gives community members an opportunity to speak with medical and health education specialists directly about programs and treatments pertinent to their well-being. Virtual options can be facilitated as well.

Topics Include:

  • Prevention and Treatment For Diabetes: Helping Your Wounds to Heal
  • Osteoporosis and You: Taking Care Of Your Bones, Joints, and Back
  • Is Everything Under Control? - Things You Should Know About Hypertension and Stroke Prevention
  • Nutrition And Aging – The Changing Needs and the Importance of Maintaining a Healthy Diet
  • Depression: A Treatable and Surprisingly Common Condition
  • How Well Do Your Lungs Work: Treating Respiratory/Asthma Ailments
  • Good General Health Practices for Healthy Living
  • Some Things You Should Know About Medication Safety…Taking Your Medications Safely
  • Falls, Fractures, and Accidents – How To Avoid Them
  • Stroke Education: Warning Signs & Prevention
  • HIV Education
  • Breast Health Education
  • Heart Disease, What You Should Know
  • Constipation, Healthy Bowels

If you are interested in a wellness topic that is not listed above, do not hesitate to ask us about it. We would be happy to tailor a discussion specifically for your targeted audience. For more information on our Speaker's Bureau, please call Kingsbrook's Community Information Line at 718-604-5062.