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Community Events

The Best Health School at Kingsbrook

Kingsbrook's Best Health School is a new prevention and wellness initiative that provides a year-long health & wellness curriculum for the community. This unique model provides a wide range of wellness education to choose from, including essential classes for CPR and Stroke Awareness. The program is designed to build a heightened awareness to health disparities and risk factors, and it offers a certificate of completion to participants. This effort is supported and championed by Kingsbrook's Community Leadership Council, which is comprised of members of the community, faith leaders, and health partners who share our mission of providing the very best prevention and wellness modules to our community. We offer classes on site as well as in the community and organizations upon request. Virtual options can be facilitated as well. For more information please call us at 718-604-5062.





Medication Interaction

Bring a list of your medications to this informative session and let our team identify any potentially harmful interactions before they occur.

Pharmacy Department

Diabetic Foot Care

Join Dr. Peter Mollica for a seminar about foot care and how essential it is to diabetic self-management.

Podiatry Department

Stress Management for Women

An intimate and important discussion featuring affects of stress on the body, stress control techniques, stories of inspiration and special features such as meditation, chair yoga and much more.

Dr. Patel

Domestic Violence

Join Representatives from North Brooklyn Coalition Against Family Violence for this intimate talk addressing violence awareness. This is a collaborative educational partnership we hold with North Brooklyn Coalition.

N. Brooklyn Coalition

Wound Care

Being able to recognize wounds is crucial for those living with diabetes. Learn how to protect yourself and detect problems.

Podiatry Department

Warning Signs of Abuse

Abuse can be a pattern of violent behavior in any relationship, used by one partner to gain or maintain power and control over another. Learn the warning signs.

N. Brooklyn Coalition

Successful Aging

Life changes that include physical changes, the loss of loved ones, and emotional dynamics greatly impact our quality of life. Learn how to handle these life changes successfully.

Dr. Rehka Bhandari

Breast Cancer Education

Learn the importance of early detection and the benefits of self-examination. Join Dr. Rabia Latif for this valuable discussion.

Dr. Rabia Latif


Obesity affects 29% of our community members. Learn how to better manage your health and the risks of obesity.

Dr. Kurt Kodroff

Getting Ready for Your Doctor's Visit

Don't be afraid to ask your doctor questions about your treatment, medications, alternative options or things you don't understand.

Dr. Veena Wadhwa

Advanced Directives

Featuring the importance of these written instructions that specify important actions in regard to your healthcare. Learn the importance of this provision and if it is a smart option for you.

Dr. Sarita Patel or Patient Relations

Stroke Education

A stroke happens about every 40 seconds. Each year about 795,000 Americans have a stroke. Do you know the warning signs?

Vascular Laboratory

Mental Health Training Mental Health First Aid trainings provide proven practices that will help you recognize the early signs and symptoms of mental illness and substance misuse. You will learn how to listen without judgement, and respond to and help someone in distress until they can get the professional care theymay need. This is a collaborative educational partnership we hold with Thrive NYC. Thrive NYC

Zumba Exercise Event

Come take part in this exercise sensation that combines fitness & fun in one session! Tell a friend! This is a collaborative educational partnership we hold with ShapeUp NYC.

ShapeUp NYC


Take part in this new health and wellness initiative that combines interactive teachings of healthy eating via cooking classes, vision board events and more. Learn new recipes via LIVE cooking demonstrations. Get inspiration to live your best healthy life as you nourish your mind, body and soul.

The Kingsbrook Nutrition Dept & Tahisha Solages