Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center

Community Programs & Events

Community Programs & Events

*Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic all pre-scheduled events have been cancelled until further notice

Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center is dedicated to responding to the unique health care needs of one of Brooklyn’s most culturally-diverse communities. As such, Health & Wellness Education has always been at the helm of Kingsbrook’s Public Affairs and Community Outreach initiatives. Every year, Kingsbrook implements seminars, educational newsletters, and early detection initiatives that expose our residents to invaluable information and opportunities to help maintain ultimate health.

Our special programs and events create a heightened awareness in our community, helping combat illnesses that are affecting us at epidemic proportions. Our hope is not just to treat illness, but ensure that those who are at-risk remain healthy. Understanding that early detection and prevention are essential to maintain ultimate health, Kingsbrook uses these mediums to encourage an informed, health-conscious community.

To find out more about our annual schedule, please call Marketing & Public Affairs at 718-604-5201.