Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center

For Patients & Visitors

Cafe & Chaplaincy Services

Food & Cafeteria Services

Kingsbrook’s cafeteria is open Monday-Friday from 7:00 am to 1:30 pm, located in the lower level of the David Minkin Rehabilitation Institute. Our cafeteria provides a variety of beverages, sandwiches, and hot meals.

Note: All meals in the cafeteria and in the coffee shop in the Katz Lobby are not Kosher.

Kosher meals are prepared in our state of the art Kosher Kitchens (dairy, meat, & Parave) under the strict supervision of Rabbi Avrohom Friedlander of Brooklyn. A Mashgeiach Tamidi supervises the kitchen during kitchen operations. All meals that are prepared in this kitchen are Glatt Kosher, Chalov Yisroel, Pas, and Bishul Yisroel. A special refrigerator in the cafeteria will have fresh kosher meals.

If you have any questions about the kosher supervision, please call Rabbi Chazan at (718) 604-5530.

Kingsbrook's Chapel

The Chapel at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center is located on the second floor on the ramp between the David Minkin Rehabilitation Institute and the Katz Building . It is available 24 hours a day for people of all faiths and beliefs.

The Chapel provides opportunity for prayer and meditation, or just peace and quiet. Patients, residents, their families, and staff are all welcome.

The Chapel‘s regular hours are from 8:00 am - 8:00 pm. If you would like to use the chapel after hours, please request security to open the door by calling the operator at (718) 604-5000. Some religious books and a prayer mat are also available.

Synagogue & Jewish Services

Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center’s Josef Chaim Albert Synagogue is located on the first floor between the Katz and Blumberg buildings. The synagogue is available 24 hours a day for patients, residents, their families, and staff for praying and learning .The regular synagogue hours are from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm. If the synagogue is closed, you can ask security to help you. There is usually a Minyan for Mincha Monday through Thursday at 1:15 pm. On Saturday morning and Yom Tov, there is a Minyan in the Synagogue at 9:30 am.