Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center

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Stroke Recovery Patient Handbook

Section 1

The Brain and Stroke (Entire Section 1 as PDF)

1.1 How the brain works

1.2 Understanding stroke and TIA

1.3 5 warning signs of stroke

1.4 Risk factors for stroke

1.5 Effects of stroke

1.6 Stroke recovery

Section 2

Stroke Discharge Checklist

Section 3

Daily Home Care Guide

Section 4

Managing Changes after Stroke

4.1 Changes caused by stroke

4.2 Complications after stroke

4.3 Protecting your affected arm and hand after stroke

4.3.1 Shoulder Subluxation

4.3.2 Hemiparesis

4.3.3 Tips for Improving Fine Motor Skills

4.3.4 Spasticity
4.4 Driving after stroke

4.5 Emotional changes after stroke

4.6 Managing mental health after stroke

4.7 Feeling tired after stroke

4.8 Safety after Stroke

4.9 Living at home after stroke

4.10 Stroke and Aphasia

4.11 Stroke and Rehabilitation

4.12 Sexuality after stroke

4.13 Medication management

Section 5

Preventing another Stroke

5.1 What is Stroke

5.2 Risk factors for stroke

5.3 Stroke, TIA and warning signs

5.4 Stroke diagnosis

5.5 Anticoagulants and Antiplatelet agents

5.6 Carotid Endarterectomy

5.7 High blood pressure and stroke

5.8 Lifestyle changes to prevent stroke

Section 6

Self Advocacy and Recovery after Stroke

Section 7

Assistive Technology

Section 8

Mobility and Transportation after Stroke

Section 9

Health Literacy, support and getting back to work

9.1 Health Literacy

9.2 Stroke support and additional resources

Section 10

Wellness and Healthy Living

10.1 Six Dimensions of Wellness

10.2 Guide to Healthy Living

Section 11

Maintaining your Health Record

Section 12

Maintaining High blood pressure

12.1 Know the facts about high blood pressure

12.2 Prevention and Treatment of high blood pressure

12.3 Managing blood pressure with a heart healthy diet

12.4 High blood pressure-what to ask your doctor

Section 13

High Cholesterol and Stroke Risk

13.1 Know the facts about high cholesterol

13.2 Cholesterol and lifestyle

13.3 Cholesterol- what to ask your doctor

Section 14

How to manage your Diabetes (Entire section 14 as PDF)

14.1 Learn about Diabetes

14.2 Know your Diabetes ABCs

14.3 Learn how to live with Diabetes

14.4 Get routine care to stay healthy

14.5 Things to remember

14.6 My Diabetes care card

14.7 I can control my Diabetes by working with my health care team

Section 15

Atrial Fibrillation and Stroke

15.1 Basic Facts

15.2 Full patient guide to living with atrial fibrillation

Section 16

Blood Clots and Stroke Risk

Section 17

Heart Disease and Prevention of Heart Attack

17.1 Know the facts about heart disease

17.2 Heart Attack: Know the symptoms

17.3 Know what a heart attack feels like-it could save your life

17.4 Prevention of heart attack

Section 18

Maintaining a Healthy Weight

18.1 Overview

18.2 How to manage your weight without being hungry

18.3 Fruits and vegetables

Section 19

Smoking Cessation

19.1 Risks of Tobacco

19.2 Smoking - Tips on how to quit