Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center

Centers of Excellence

Geriatric Psychiatry

The Mental Health Center at Kingsbrook includes a Geriatric Inpatient Psychiatry Unit, a New York State-certified outpatient Mental Health Center and consultation service, and a site for the education of Geriatric Psychiatry Residents, Fellows, and medical students.

The 30-bed inpatient Geriatric Psychiatry Unit provides comprehensive inpatient treatment to individuals 55-years-old and older who are experiencing acute psychiatric illness. The unit is staffed to address the accompanying medical needs of older adults and individuals.

Utilizing a multi-disciplinary team which reflects the ethnic diversity of persons served, the program features an array of services emphasizing diagnosis, assessment, and stabilization. A key element of the program is emotional support for patients, families, and other caregivers. The availability of on-site psychiatrists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week allows direct admissions anytime, voluntary or involuntary.

Our Outpatient Mental Health Center Treats All Ages

The outpatient Mental Health Center is a full-service outpatient program, providing diagnostic and treatment services to individuals of all ages. The program specializes in geriatric mental health and in treating individuals who are physically and/or neurologically challenged.

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