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Bone & Joint Center

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The Bone & Joint Center at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center is one of our four Centers of Excellence. At this center, our team of orthopaedic surgeons are renowned for their elite level of training, experience, and education in the field. Our team is dedicated to providing excellence in care for our valued patients.

In many cases, these types of injuries are caused by certain diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis. Sometimes these types of trauma of caused by severe injuries. We also provide treatment for neck and lower back pain as well as minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery.

Four Areas of the Services at the Kingsbrook Bone & Joint Center

At the Bone & Joint Center located at our medical center, we focus on four specific treatment areas:

  • Joint Replacement — In a joint replacement procedure, the damaged or arthritic joint is replaced with a prosthesis made of metal, ceramic, or plastic and designed to mimic the natural joint function and movement. The most commonly performed joint replacements are to the hip and knee, while the ankle, wrist, shoulder, and elbow can also be subjects of surgery.
  • General Orthopaedics — Each orthopaedic surgeon on our staff is known for industry-leading excellence, specializing in knee and hip joint replacement, spinal surgery, foot and ankle reconstruction, and surgery to the hand, as well as treatment of diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system including fractured bones, torn ligaments, torn tendons, spastic muscles, congenital skeletal deformities, and deformities to the bones and joints.
  • Sports Medicine — Injuries can occur in sports or recreational settings. Our doctors are experts in the field of sports medicine, treating athletic injuries as well as work related injuries. We also provide treatment for neck and lower back pain as well as minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery.
  • Rehabilitation — The Rehabilitation Institute at Kingsbrook is one of the most respected and oldest on the East Coast. Learn more about the Kingsbrook Rehabilitation Institute.

Learn more about our orthopaedics team and our orthopaedic surgery residency program led by a board-certified teaching staff to ensure an outstanding level of professionalism: Call us at (718) 604-5000.