New Patients and Visitors Information

As the State of New York continues its phased re-opening and we return to a new normal, Kingsbrook will be accommodating patient visitation as of Monday, June 29th.


In the heart of Brooklyn

Kingsbrook is a nationally recognized, full service acute care facility providing an array of medical specialties and surgical services.

Kingsbrook Nurses

Compassion & Caring in Brooklyn

Our nurses are committed to providing excellent care for all patients and their families.


Centers of Excellence

We offer advanced health care services through our four main specialty institutes.


Health Programs & Services

Our various unique programs serve patients with the quality treatments and attention they need.

Providing the best specialized care centered on our core values of:

Centers of Excellence

Kingsbrook offers several clinical Centers of Excellence designed to provide a high standard of comprehensive care for our valued patients. These four centers focus on rehabilitation, comprehensive behavioral health, orthopedics, and neurosurgery. Our teams are dedicated to excellence in these areas and we consistently ensure quality standards, treating a broad range of complex injuries, diseases, and conditions using the most advanced techniques and state of the art equipment and technology available. These are the standards that have earned us a reputation as one of the leading hospitals in the area. Learn more about our Centers of Excellence and our commitment to defining excellence in healthcare for our valued patients.