Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center

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Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center Nurses

"We believe our nurses are one of the many reasons Kingsbrook is the BEST hospital for our community. We take pride in our compassionate, kind and highly-competent nurses who aim to deliver the best experience for our patients and families everyday. Our award-winning nurses are simply EXCELLENT."

- Dr. Jane Lederer, Ed.D, Chief Nurse

Kingsbrook Nurses – Giving the Best Care, Anywhere!

We hold a deep and passionate commitment to patients and family, facilitating and advocating for your wellness and healing. We are totally committed to your care, health and well being. Deeply committed to listening to your concerns and questions, we know that you have entrusted us with your health and we hold that trust with great respect. Our staff is highly educated, trained, and motivated about addressing your health needs, and the health needs of community we serve.

We are a NICHE-Designated Hospital

Our path to excellence is influenced by:

A Commitment to Quality Patient Care

We are a Top Performer Hospitals in the United States honored by The Joint Commission for quality patient outcomes. We get high grades from Leapfrog, which is a national patient safety score based on a hospital’s ability to keep patients safe from preventable harm and medical errors. We received the GOLD award in Stroke Care from the American Heart Association. We sustain clinical excellence by hardwiring best practices in our daily work, and assuring our staff’s education in the best evidenced based practices.

A Commitment to Patient Centered Care

Patient satisfaction is the priority of every nursing staff. Patients that are assured that the staff have their best interests at heart and truly care are more apt to share their concerns about their health and well being. Therefore, patient and family satisfaction are paramount as it assures a positive experience and enhances healthy outcomes.

A Commitment to Educational Excellence

More than 81% of our nurses have baccalaureate degrees, higher than most hospitals across the United States. This is much higher than the national and state average. A higher percentage of nurses with baccalaureate degrees have been correlated in a number of studies with fewer complications while hospitalized. Nurses with bachelors level education has been shown to reduce readmissions and lower length of stay in hospital. Most of our nurse leaders either have a doctoral, graduate or advanced practice degree in nursing. Our commitment to highly educated nurse is integral to our commitment to patient excellence.

A Commitment to Shared Decisions

We believe that our nurses at the bedside have a wealth of knowledge about patient care and need to participate in policy, procedure and process since they know the direct impact on the patient . We have integrated this into practice by our philosophy of Shared Governance. Issues and decisions about patient care are discussed collaboratively with the staff that are taking care of the patients, which is the philosophy of shared governance. Leadership recognizes the important perspective of the nurse at your bedside. Shared decision making with nursing staff and nursing leaders assists us in assuring that the best care is rendered to our patients.

A Commitment to Nurse Physician Collaboration

We value the high degree of teamwork and collaboration between our nurses and physicians. This is an expectation and commitment from both leaders and bedside clinicians.

A Commitment to Leadership Development

The nursing leader of each unit is our Patient Care Directors. This is a group of exceptionally dedicated and passionate nurses, with excellent administrative and team building skills, are responsible 24/7 for the unit. This round-the clock accountability ensures continuity. In addition to their extensive educational and clinical expertise, our nursing leaders are constantly updating both their skills. They attend a Leadership Institute on site, as well as participating in various leadership programs and seminars that are offered around the country. Each shift has an Assistant Head Nurse who is part of our team that oversees and advocates for excellence in patient care at the bedside. Our commitment to our leaders is part of our overall excellence as we believe that our patients need strong clinical teams led by an exceptional nursing leader.