Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center

Meet Our Staff

Meet the Kingsbrook Staff

Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center recognizes that a hospital is only as good as its staff. We believe that our staff includes medical professionals who are among the best in the world, both in providing care to patients and training the physicians of the future. Each of our Chairs of Service are board-certified in their fields, with extensive experience within their medical specialties. Our 19-member Department of Medical Staff is made up of highly-qualified, highly-experienced leaders in medicine and patient care. Finally, all of the experience and medical expertise of our Chairpersons and Medical Staff is administered by our Nursing Staff, who have made our hospital the highest-rated in Brooklyn for patient care (based on the ratings of the patients themselves).

Together, our staff makes Kingsbrook the leading teaching hospital in Brooklyn, and one of the highest-rated for patient satisfaction in New York.