Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center

About Us

About Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center

Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center is a trusted community hospital, placed among the top hospitals in Brooklyn for our customer satisfaction scores.
Kingsbrook is a member of the One Brooklyn Health System family of hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities.
Our facility provides an array of outpatient services including dental care, primary care, specialty care and physical rehabilitation. Our campus also provides Emergency/Urgent Care services.
Rutland Nursing Home located, on the campus of Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center, offers adult skilled nursing care, pediatric care, young adult care, subacute care and ventilator services.
Additionally, Kingsbrook received the Gold Quality Achievement Award from the American Heart and American Stroke Associations. These awards reflect our institution's success in implementing a higher standard of excellent stroke care. Kingsbrook also earned the Silver Star Status from the City of New York for its institution-wide implementation of healthy food initiatives.

Centers of Excellence in Various Medical Specialties

Our Centers of Excellence include: the Kingsbrook Rehabilitation Institute, treating the most complicated neurological and orthopedic conditions, including Brooklyn's only New York State-approved Brain Injury & Coma Recovery Unit; a Comprehensive Behavioral Health Center, Brooklyn's only dedicated inpatient division with access to outpatient continuing care services; Orthopedics, offering joint replacement, sports medicine, foot/ankle and upper extremity services; a Neurosciences Institute, including spine care; and a Bone & Joint Center, offering treatment for hip fractures, arthritis, sports injuries and more.

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