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CENSUS 2020 Job Fair, January 29th 10:00am-2:00pm


One Brooklyn Health ---Census 2020 Job Fair, January 29th

Kingsbrook, Interfaith & Brookdale sites from 10:00am-2:00pm

Hiring for the following Census Positions

Clerk ($20.00/hour)

As a Census Clerk, you will perform a variety of office duties that support field activities. Clerks are vital to the successful performance of a Local Census Office.(LCO)

Recruiting Assistant ($27.50/hour)

Recruiting Assistant promotes Census jobs in assigned areas and in local communities.-Assists with locating free space with access to computers to assist applicants with online

application/assessment-Locates free space to hold operational training sessions-Informs supervisor of recruiting results and ongoing community relations.

Enumerator/Lister and Census Field Supervisor ($25.00/hour and $27.50/hour)

Enumerators/Listers, also known as census takers, conduct research on behalf of the U.S. Census Bureau. They collect household and demographic information by canvassing assigned areas, documenting and reporting the results they find. Census Field Supervisorsoversee the work of approximately 10-15 Enumerators.

Office Operations Supervisor ($26.00/hour)

As an Office Operations Supervisor, you will be responsible for the supervision of the day-to-day

activities of the office clerks who support payroll, recruiting or supply management.Also

monitoring the quality of work including the status and production.

Area Census Office Manager ($42.50/hour)

As an Area Census Office Manager, you will be responsible for the general supervision, administration, planning, development and successful implementation of census operations and field which include interviewing job candidates, evaluating employees and taking appropriate actions regarding hiring, promotion and reassignment

Administrative Manager ($31.50/hour)

As an Administrative Manager, you will be responsible for supervising and managing the payroll, supply requests and other administrative activities.You will monitor the day-to-day selection, personnel and payroll activities while also reviewing completed work for accuracy and assuring that time schedules are met

Information Technology Manager ($31.50/hour)

As an Information Technology Manager, you will be responsible for leading all office and field automation efforts, evaluating, analyzing and coordinating resources and providing technical guidance to efficiently support all ACO activities with available equipment. Also supporting managers and employees on software, hardware, and automation operations.

2020 Census Jobs


Recruiting Manager ($26.00/hour)

As a Recruiting Manager, you will be responsible for the management, supervision and recruitment of qualified applicants. Preparing ACO recruiting plans to ensure that staffing and hiring needs are met for all field and office positions and monitoring the applicant pool to ensure it contains sufficient numbers of qualified applicants to fill all field and office positions in all geographic areas of the ACO.

Lead Census Field Manager ($36.50/hour)

As a Lead Census Field Manager, you will supervise Census Field Managers, acting as a facilitator ensuring work is evenly spread among Census Field Managers and ensuring completion of field work Is done cost-effectively and in a timely manner. Ensuring quality and progress are being met by reporting and observing.

Census Field Manager ($31.50/hour)

As a Census Field Manager, you would be responsible for interviewing candidates for Census Field Supervisor positions and office support clerks, also providing group and individual training, monitoring daily assignments, providing advice and guidance to staff. The main tech advisor in field operations and answering inquiries from the Area Census Office Manager and Census Field Supervisors

Area Manager (GG-13)

As an Area Manager, you will be responsible for approximately six Area Census Offices within the New York Region. Each of these ACOs have office employees and work at home employees. A typical Area Manager would have responsibility for 250 office employees, including managers, and 1000s of home based employees, the largest group of which is enumerators. The ACOs on Long Island, NY (Garden City and Brookhaven) and in Queens, NY (Central Queens, Northeast Queens, Northwest Queens, and South Queens) would be an example of a metro-area based assignment of six ACOs where the amount of land covered is small, but is densely populated. You could also have an area that covers large amounts of land and is more rural in nature. An example area would be Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, Newburgh and Peekskill, all in New York.

Partnership Specialist (GG 7/9/11/12)

As a Partnership Specialist, you are responsible for developing partnerships within your assigned geographic area with state, local and tribal governments, community-based organizations, faith-based groups, schools, media outlets, businesses and other grassroots entities in communities

Regional Technician (GG 7/9/11/12)

The Regional Technician is the RCC’s "jack of all trades" and is responsible for assisting with training, recruiting, field operations and monitoring cost and progress. A regional technician in the New York region will answer technical questions and is to be trained for all phases of the census field and office operations, including training developed for both RCC and ACO management staff. Each Regional technician will be assigned an area to monitor and analyze to identify potential recruitment sources and difficult areas for enumeration.

For more information, please contact:

New York Regional Census Center Recruiting, or call