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Kingsbrook Hosts Community Outreach Event with Bed-Stuy Campaign Against Hunger on Wednesday, April 24th

Kingsbrook Hosts Community Outreach Event with Bed-Stuy Campaign Against Hunger on Wednesday, April 24th



Kingsbrook is proud to host a Community outreach and advocacy event in partnership with BedSty Campaign Against Hunger on April 24th from 11:00-3:00, providing the community with needed services such as: organic food distribution, SNAP card enrollment, tax services and clothing donations. This partnership event is designed to eliminate barriers to social services and provide needed resources to underserved residents in the community. The event will be held in Kingsbrook’s courtyard located on Rutland Road between Schenectady Avenue & 49th Street. Community services will be provided in the Lillian Minkin Ballroom. Brookly Borough President Eric Adams will give comments at the beginning of the event.

Brooklyn has the largest number of food insecure adults of all the boroughs with approximately 14.7 % of residents (1 in 7) and 15.6% of seniors falling into this category. Additionally, more than 100,000 children in Brooklyn are impacted by food insecurity. Food insecurity is defined as lack of access to enough good, healthy, and culturally appropriate food. This plays to the mission of Bed Sty Campaign Against Hunger and their vigilance in eradicating food insecurity in Brooklyn. Every day, The Campaign Against Hunger (TCAH) helps thousands of vulnerable New Yorkers by giving them the food and resources they need to survive, including the innovative “Fresh Vibes Mobile Market”.

The Fresh Vibes van is a mobile unit that provides access to organic fruits and vegetables throughout the borough in food insecure communities. The market is equipped with a mobile classroom, a benefits access area, produce storage bins, as well as a cooktop and refrigerated areas for the storage of prepared foods. This allows the opportunity to offer a wide variety of services in a single stop, including one-on-one benefits counseling, tax preparation and filing, SNAP screenings, fitness classes, nutrition workshops, cooking demos, as well as fresh produce and other healthful foods. The Fresh Vibes Market also serves as a low-priced farmers’ market stocked with fruits and vegetables grown at their own Urban Agro-Ecological Centers.

“We understand that good health is a result of a number of factors. Availability of community-based resources, especially healthy food options are at the top of the list,” says Enid Dillard, Director of Marketing & Public Affairs at Kingsbrook . “Community partnerships like these are critical to addressing these social determinants of health and it’s our pleasure to work alongside Dr. Melanie Samuels and TCAH to help provide access to these needed services.”

For more information call Kingsbrook's Community Information Line at 718-604-5062.